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Terms and conditions for furniture and decorating advice competition


Entry into this promotion is limited to current residents of Australia, aged 18 years and over.

To enter, email hello@stylect.com.au before midnight 30 October 2016 with your name, the furniture or decorating question that you would most like solved in your house, and why. The question must be a single question, such as the examples below:
- What coffee table would suit my living room?
- What floor tiles should we use in our bathroom?
- What colour should we paint our bedroom?

You may only enter once, and you may only enter via this method. We will choose two winners based on our favourite reasons why they would like their question solved. Each of the two winners will win an Ask a Question service from stylect.com.au, worth $50 each. Full details of the service are available here. Prizes cannot be taken as cash. Prize winners must use their prize within six months of being notified they are winners. This promotion is solely the responsibility of stylect.com.au and is not sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with Facebook. By entering, you release Facebook from any responsibility for the competition and the way it is run.

Terms and conditions for Mini Makeover promotion


Entry into this promotion is limited to current residents of Australia, aged 18 years and over.

To enter, email hello@stylect.com.au before midnight 3 July 2016 with your name, the biggest problem room you have in your house, and why. You may only enter once, and you may only enter via this method. We will choose one winner based on our favourite problem room description and inform the winner via email. The winner will win a Mini service from stylect.com.au, worth $220. Full details of the service are available here: https://stylect.com.au/the-mini/d8d38b548940/roomspace

The prize cannot be taken as cash. This promotion is solely the responsibility of stylect.com.au and is not sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with Facebook. By entering, you release Facebook from any responsibility for the competition and the way it is run.

Bedroom furniture ideas


Furniture ideas to spice up your bedroom

In this post we check out three classic decorating schemes to help you create a bedroom you love to retreat to.


Timber bedroom furniture is accessible to all budgets. Pine is generally a good entry into the market, whereas solid oak or ash pieces tend to be high end.  Picking items with clean, straight lines enhance a contemporary or Nordic style, depending on the decorative items you team them with. Furniture with curved sides and ornate carvings lend themselves to a more traditional style. Raw timber and heavy wood grain create a rustic feel.

Here are three furniture ideas to team together in your bedroom:

Timber FreedomTimber Southwood.PngTimber Themodern

‘Portobello’ oak bed, 170 x 215.5 x 100cm, from Freedom.
Tide ‘Tuki’ Tasmanian oak bedside table, 58 x 44 x 52cm, from Southwood Home.
Natural elm dressing table with mirror, 116 x 50 x 125cm, from The Modern Furniture Store.


Using neutral-coloured pieces in the bedroom can help create a calm atmosphere. You’ll also find that they can brighten up a room that doesn’t get much natural light.

You can find white or light grey furniture across all styles. If you choose to keep the majority of elements in your bedroom neutral, mix up the textures and finishes so that the room doesn’t feel boring. Alternatively, by keeping only large furniture items simple, you can bring some colour into the room through more easily-replaceable trend items such as bed linen, wall art and scatter cushions.

Here’s a trio of neutral bedroom furniture:

Neutral WestelmNeutral EarlysettlerNeutral Ikea

‘Mid-Century’ eucalyptus wood bed in White, 163 x 215 x 119 cm, from West Elm.
‘Marguerite’ wooden bedside table, 625 x 450 x 320mm, from Early Settler.
‘Hemnes’ dressing table with mirror, 100 x 50 x 159cm, from Ikea.


Give your bedroom a lift through the use of colours. Bringing in coloured furniture and even by painting the walls in your chosen shade, you can evoke a specific vibe, such as relaxed, cheery or moody to make the room your special sanctuary.

To avoid your bedroom looking like a children’s room stick to a clear colour scheme by selecting colours that complement each other or are variations of the same shade. For the most part, in an adult’s bedroom it’s better to stay away from primary colours (red, blue and yellow).

Here’s a winning colourful combo:

Colour Incyinteriors

Colour ZanuiColour Thefamilylovetree

Metal four-poster bed in custom colour, 155 x 205 x 200cm, from Incy Interiors.
‘Lois’ MDF and wood bedside table in Aqua, 46 x 30 x 60cm, from Zanui.
Recycled timber drawers in Winter, 140 x 43 x 90cm, from The Family Love Tree.

However you choose to decorate your bedroom, if you keep a balance between the functionality of the space and aesthetics you’re sure to create a space that you’ll enjoy spending both your waking and sleeping hours in.

And don’t forget: If you have a question about furniture, art or decorations for your home, try our easy and affordable
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Living room furniture ideas


Scandi, tribal and geometric furniture

Furniture shopping can start out with all the fun and frivolity of spring but with a lot of trends and styles to choose from, you can quickly feel overwhelmed.

We are often asked how to integrate furniture from the latest trends into existing rooms so we thought we’d take a look at three popular interior decorating styles and show you how to go about it without having to overhaul your whole living room.


This mid-century style has never really dated but has recently seen a rise in popularity because of a contemporary twist on its clean lines and use of natural materials. It’s hard to go wrong with this trend as the minimalistic designs and different textures lend themselves to be easily layered in a living room.

Try this: Team a woolly rug with a simple fabric sofa and a streamlined timber coffee table. Here are some examples.

Nordic WestelmNordic Designstuff.PngNordic Retrojan

‘Finn’ fabric sofa in Eucalyptus, 190.5 x 92 x 89 cm from West Elm.
Ferm Living ‘Semicircle’ kelim rug, 140 x 200 cm (large) from Designstuff.
‘Vaasa Olivia’ oak coffee table, 109 x 59 x 40cm from Retrojan.

If you want to push the trend further in your living room, grab a plush throw to wrap yourself in and find plenty of indoor plants to add to the Scandinavian forest feel. And don’t forget to scout out your local vintage furniture store for original pieces from mid-century designers.


Over the past few years, a lot of interior decorations and furnishings have been inspired by African or South American shapes and patterns.

Try this: Pick only a few items to feature and ensure the rest of the room plays a supporting role by staying neutral. Here’s our combo. Note: Though the coffee table and rug we’ve selected below are still within the tribal aesthetic, they allow the bold sofa to be the star.

Tribal EcochicTribal ArmadilloTribal Weylandts

‘Coco’ fabric sofa, 145 x 90 x 75cm from Eco Chic.
‘Daisy’ hemp rug, 0.98m diameter from Armadillo & Co.
Brass table, 530 x 530mm x 400mm from Weylandts.

To inject some safari-esque style into your living room without purchasing new furniture keep your eye out for smaller decorative items such as feathered juju hats that can hang on the wall, or brightly coloured baskets woven from natural fibres to place on your coffee table.


We love the revival of bold, angular shapes for the home. The current take on this trend mixes the hard edges of wire furniture with geometric patterns on soft furnishings. The balance between hard and soft is key when buying pieces for your living room.

Try this: Complement wire and metal surfaces with natural materials or a softer colour palette, such as pastels. Here’s our combo. Note: By itself, the grey sofa below could appear cold and unwelcoming, but it is made more enticing when teamed up with the warm coloured coffee table and rug.

Contemporary BludotContemporary BoconceptContemporary Spacetocreate

‘Swept’ leather alternative sofa in Slate, 2210 x 800 x 673mm from Blu Dot.
‘Asuka’ wool rug, 150 x 150cm from BoConcept.
‘Arrow’ zinc and powder coated coffee table in Red, 750 x 750 x 460mm from Space to Create.

If you want to adopt the style into other elements of your living room, you’ll be spoilt for choice with linear designs being applied to myriad decorative items, such as light fixtures, vases, wall decorations and cushions. Experiment with painting a feature wall in a bold block colour or even angled shapes for a bigger wow-factor.

And don’t forget: If you have a question about furniture, art or decorations for your home, try our easy and affordable edecorating Ask a Question service. One of our style team will answer your question by providing options to choose from, including shopping info.

Home office interior design


Furniture for your home office

Interior decorating trends have made their way over to office furniture so you can put some style into your home office space and feel ready to take on the world, without even leaving the house. In this post, we go through three styles that can help transform your admin time from boring to enjoyable.


Liven up your workspace with colourful office furniture. Be sure to pick colours that have the same tone, such as all pastels, or work with a colour scheme to make sure that the room doesn’t become too busy or distracting.

Here’s our pick of three items to transform your home office:

Bright ClickonBright SurroundingBright Zuster

LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr Marius ‘Origami’ oak desk in Yellow, 700 x 350 x 1300mm, from Clickon Furniture.
Muuto ‘Nerd’ lacquered ash chair in Rose, 45.5 x 50 x 80.5cm, from Surrounding Australia.
‘Jade’ oak storage cabinet in your choice of finish or colour, 900 x 600 x 1800mm, from Zuster.


Sometimes you need your surroundings to help get you into the right frame of mind. These classic designs will get you geared up to buckle down for some solid work.

Here’s an example of a winning office furniture trio:

Corporate PotterybarnCorporate LivingedgeCorporate Keeki

LEFT TO RIGHT: ‘Ava’ metal and glass desk, 132 x 71 x 74cm, from Pottery Barn.
Eames for Herman Miller ‘Aluminium Group Executive Chair’ in Style #1, 584 x 432 x 1055mm, from Living Edge.
‘Elston’ bookcase in charcoal teak, 100 x 40 x 180cm, from Keeki.


If mid-century design gets you inspired, incorporate some key pieces of Scandi style furniture into your home office. Keep the look clean by storing paperwork and clutter away in the furniture’s built-in compartments or into patterned cardboard boxes.

Here’s a great combo of Scandi home office furniture:

Scandi FentonandfentonScandi GreatdaneScandi Satara

LEFT TO RIGHT: ‘FUD’ rosewood and MDF desk, 94 x 121 x 60.5cm, from fenton&fenton.
Sami Kallio for &Tradition ‘In Between’ wood chair in smoked oiled oak, 580 x 770 x 540mm, from Great Dane.
Denon ‘GBK305’ slim bookshelf in teak, 50 x 36 x 170cm, from Satara.

Whether you work from home or simply have a corner of your living room set aside for study time, you can still add your own style to your home office.

And don’t forget: If you have a question about furniture, art or decorations for your home, try our affordable edecorating Ask a Question service. One of our style team will answer your question by providing options to choose from, including shopping info.

Outdoor heaters


The style scoop on outdoor heaters

It might be spring but in many parts of our fine country, nights are still cool enough to require a bit of help when it comes to outdoor dining.

SO, we thought we'd put together a handy list of our favourite outdoor heaters with different fuel sources to give you some functional yet aesthetically pleasing options. 


Bioethanol is an environmentally friendly alternative to gas as it’s a renewable resource. It burns cleaner and doesn’t leave ash or smoke. Be mindful that it consumes oxygen so it’s important to get fresh air into the space if using in an enclosed space.,

This bioethanol Stix fireplace is a piece of art in itself. Designer Hiroshi Tsunoda conceived a modern version of a traditional campfire. The 2.5 litre burner will provide up to 8 hours of warmth. The unit can be placed both indoors and outdoors, so it’s sure to be a conversation starter wherever you choose to use it.

Bioethanol Ecosmart

Hiroshi Tsunoda for EcoSmart ‘Stix’ steel outdoor fireplace, 780 x 557 x 556mm from EcoSmart Fire.


Electric heaters are generally more affordable to buy, easy to install and heat up a space quickly, however ongoing running costs may not be as favourable compared to other forms of heating. If your outdoor space is small or you won’t be using it for long periods, you may find an electric heater to be efficient and economical.

This streamlined HeatStrip is installed in the ceiling of a patio or verandah and provides a discreet source of heat that will help integrate your outdoor and indoor spaces. Depending on how large the area is you are likely to require two or more heating strips.

Electric Masters

Thermofilm ‘HeatStrip’ 2400w 240v outdoor heater, 1364 x 165 x 48mm from Masters.


If you’re going to leave your heater on for extended periods, gas can be the most economical fuel choice. Gas is generally cheaper in the long term compared with electric heating. Not every home has a gas system installed but you can still enjoy the benefits of gas heating with a portable unit.

If you’re looking to heat a relatively large area, The FireStick is a great option as it covers up to 25 square metres. It can be used year round, as a heater in winter or a lantern in summer.

Gas Joesbbqs

‘The FireStick’ patio heater, 650 x 650 x 2500mm from Joe’s Barbeques.


There’s nothing quite like sitting around a fireplace and watching the flames. Though they seem simple to use, wood burning fireplaces do require regular maintenance. They need to be cleaned after the fire is out and cools down, and various types of wood burn differently so it’s important to do research.

If your home doesn’t already have a fireplace a portable fire pit will still provide the same mood.

Wood Tait

‘Thor’ steel fire pit, 800mm diameter from Tait.


Admittedly food isn’t a source of fuel for heating but we couldn’t go past mentioning the double function of wood burning fireplaces as both a heater and a grill. Just be mindful to use the right wood for cooking food.

The beautiful Kamino fireplace is freestanding and can be postioned or turned depending on wind direction. Its chimney allows smoke to move up and away from ground level. A grill can be purchased separately for cooking prawns and sausages.

Bbq Castworks

Morso ‘Kamino’ cast iron outdoor fireplace, 500 x 500 x 1800mm and optional Morso ‘Tuscan Grill’, diameter 340mm both from Castworks.

The heater you choose depends on your space and budget. Once you’ve decided on a style you like or fuel source that’s appropriate for you, ensure you do further research on specific products and weigh up the cost of the unit with energy output and long-term running costs.

And don’t forget: If you have a question about furniture or decorations for your home, try our easy and affordable edecorating 
Ask a Question service. One of our style team will answer your question by providing options to choose from, including shopping info.

Bathroom renovation ideas


How to make your bathroom renovation a success

Renovating your bathroom can breathe new life into the style and flow of your home and instantly add value to your home and lifestyle. However, there are a lot of considerations to take into account that can make it an exhausting journey. Here are a some ideas and tips to make it an easier ride.


With most renovations you need to look at the layout of the bathroom, keeping the position as close to the existing pipework will keep the costs down but if the layout doesn’t work now it never will. Ask yourself honestly how you use the bathroom:

  • can you lose the bath to allow a roomy double shower?
  • does the toilet need to be in a separate walled room or can it be a cubicle with a shower on the other side?
  • do you really like stepping into the bath to use the shower?

1. Jodi York Bathroom

Image from The Design Files Tiles from Jatana Interiors.
Photo – Sean Fennessy, production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.
Read more here.


Try to avoid a nasty step up into the bathroom and find out what the tiler has to say about your existing floor first before you buy any tiles. You may only have a certain thickness option, which will limit your tile choices. There’s been a strong love for encaustic patterned and real stone tiles but their thickness may mean digging up the floor slab at big extra costs.

There are plenty of very beautiful porcelain stone style tiles with minimum thickness that give you a lovely texture and half the maintenance. Try a hit of warmth and look to ceramic wood floor tiles as an alternative. Ceramo and Di Lorenzo have some great choices.

2. Ceramic Wood Floors

Image sourced from creativehomebody.com


Stay away from the decorative strip of tiles – it’s very 90s! For a tranquil space, it’s often the simplest of wall tiles that can show off a beautiful floor tile or a stunning set of taps. The modest butcher tile is changing shape into a hexagon or diamond. Take a look also at a thicker uneven biscuit butcher tile in subtle colours.

3. Myree Ceramics Hexagon Tile

Cube White Mosaic Gloss 300 x 345mm by Myree ceramics


You need time to decide on tap styles and finishes, especially if you are going across different brands. The hottest trend is brass at the moment and it’s looking especially hot in a contemporary bathroom. Make sure you do your research though. Antique brass opposed to polished brash is apparently the best choice as it’s protected against going green. Also check that it’s real brass – ‘gold’ often passed as brass will pitt in certain waters. Also check the lead times as some brands need at least 10 weeks to make.

4. Brass Taps

Image from Chicdesigninvestments.com
For similar brass taps try C B I deal tapware


One of the biggest bathroom mistakes is not matching shades well enough. It’s hard to remember a colour, especially whites and grey charcoals as there is such subtle variation. Always bring a set of samples of your tiles and worktops to consultations so when you choose items like your sink you can check it against your choices of worktop colours. A favorite material at the moment is stunning marble in a tile or real stone but it is often a cool grey white that cannot be used with a warm white.

5. Ceramo Marble

Image of white marble from Ceramo. Credit: Calacata silver porselanosa tile.

And also don’t forget ... if you have a question about your own bathroom, try our easy and affordable edecorating service.

Bedroom wall art



A good place to start when choosing how to decorate your bedroom walls can be with the wall that you see first when entering the room. Here are our tips to get you on the right track to have walls you love to lie in bed and look at!


The main wall in a bedroom can often be above the bed, and people often assume that art here must be hung halfway between the bed and the ceiling. This is not always the case and can lead to the common mistake of artwork being hung much too high.

While it should be symmetrical to the bed, artwork can be better positioned closer to the bed than the ceiling, as in this example.


Megan Weston original artwork, price on application, from fenton&fenton


If you imagine yourself living with a piece above your bed for many years you may want to spend a larger amount here, but you might also want to consider purchasing a cheaper decorative option such as this example, which you love now and cast off when the trend moves on.


C’est La Vie and All You Need gold foil prints, 45 x 64cm each, $119.95 each (unframed) from Blacklist


It’s important to consider the size of the artwork compared to the wall it will be hung on. The aim is to strike a balance where the item feels comfortable in its place amongst the other items on the same wall, for example the bed or a dresser, as well as with other items in the room.

Once you have chosen the wall you’re working with, experiment with different sizes before you buy. Grab a newspaper and sticky tape pages together to form different sizes and tack it onto your wall (wipe off any newspaper ink marks with sugar soap afterwards). Step back to view the entire wall. This will help you visualise what sort of proportions you should keep your eye out for when shopping.

The wall in this example can afford a large artwork as the ceiling is tall and the painting’s size and tone add to the room’s masculine style.


Afternoon series artwork, price on application, from Kerry Armstrong Art


Wall art doesn’t always need to be hung directly above the bed. This is a good example of doing something a little different, which also allows the quilted bedhead in the picture to be more of a focal point.


Vee Speers Untitled #11, Thirteen poster, 70 x 50cm, $49, from Norsu


Some of our clients have asked about wall art in single bedrooms. Single beds look especially good with art positioned on the wall at the bed’s side instead of the bed’s head, as they are generally placed in the corner of smaller rooms. Still hang art at eye level, remembering to adjust the height according to its proportion to other items in the room.


Big Petal series artwork, price on application, from Castle and Things

When making any wall art decisions, don’t forget to consider if the items complement the style and other items in your bedroom (unless you plan on removing them).

And also don’t forget this ... if you have a question about furniture, art or decorations for your home, try our easy and affordable edecorating Ask a Question service. One of our style team will answer your question by providing three options to choose from, including shopping info. 

Living room wall art


Make your living room walls a work of art!

Artwork is a wonderful way to express your personality in your home, but many of our customers struggle with choosing exactly what to decorate their walls with.

There are so many options it’s easy to become paralysed by choice, as well as confused about where to hang wall decorations.

So ... here are five tips to set you on the right path when it comes to living room wall art. We also featured kids bedroom wall art recently too, in an earlier blog post (scroll down to read it).


A good place to start in the living room is with the wall that you see first when walking into the room. This is often the wall above the sofa, and if that is the case, it’s usually best to hang artwork symmetrically above the sofa as either one large piece, a diptych - two pieces of the same series side by side, such as in this example - or a triptych (three pieces of the same series side by side).


From Within and Ice Queen art print canvases, 60 x 90cm each, $210 each, from Urban Road.


Sometimes it can be good to bend decorating ‘rules’ that you might have heard. For example, perhaps a small room will be able to accommodate a large piece of art; a bold decoration may complement a neutral room or, as in this example, an item placed off centre can create a better composition than if it had been centred. This room has a well-balanced composition because the painting and floor lamp are sitting closer to the corner of the room, which keeps the focus around the window.


Abstract Composition original oil painting, 180 x 110cm, $769, from BoConcept.


If your living room has a floating sofa – one that is not sitting against a wall – it can be difficult to know where to hang art. In this case, we look at pairing wall art with other pieces of furniture, such as a feature armchair or console table.

This example shows a mirror as the wall decoration, teamed with a console table. A mirror is an alternative to a painting or a print, which also makes a room seem larger.

Westelm Mirror

Metal Hexagon framed mirror, 61 x 86cm, $299, from West Elm.


If you like to have a lot of decorations in a room, you might like the salon style of display, also known as a collage, as in this example. The trick to this is to start with one focal piece and work your way out/around it. Experiment with pieces in different shapes, sizes and colours but lay everything out on a table or the floor first and play around until you’re happy with it.

Westelm Collage

Various pieces, $19 to $79, from West Elm.


For another alternative to paintings, try a woven tapestry or three such as the below by Maryanne Moodie. This pic also provides a good example of how to make three different shaped pieces work together on a wall.


Maryanne Moodie Rising Sun tapestry, 35 x 62cm, $620; Blue Diamond tapestry, 34 x 67cm, $620; Circle tapestry, 52 x 62cm, $790. All from Modern Times.

When choosing wall art or decorations, always consider if it complements the style and other items you have in your living room. As simple as this sounds, it is easy to get carried away and forget to do it, only to end up with a piece that you love with nowhere to put it.

In our next blog post, we’ll look at choosing wall art for the bedroom.

And don’t forget: If you have a question about furniture, art or decorations for your home, try our easy and affordable edecorating Ask a Question service. One of our style team will answer your question by providing options to choose from, including shopping info.

Kids wall art


Fun wall art for kids

There are many cute and cool wall art options for kids on the market today so we thought we'd take a look at a few different ideas for kids bedrooms.

Starting with options for babies and going through to early primary school years, we’ll take a look at some more unique types of art, and where in the room to hang them.


It has been popular to feature your baby’s name in their room in recent times and the first option below is a unique and stylish way to do this. Max’s name is hung just above the cot, close to adult eye level. This keeps a balance of proportions between the items, including the hanging garland, and means the adults who spend a lot of time in this room can enjoy the art too.

The second option is another way of doing ‘name art’ and, with the birth information as well, it also serves as a memento for your child to keep as they grow older.

Babylar ThewoodsfolkBabysm Printspace

TOP LEFT: Alphabet Letter Signs, sizes from 7 to 47cm, $24 each, from The Woodsfolk.

TOP RIGHT: Rocket Boy birth print in Blue Grey, 8x10”, $38.50 unframed, from Printspace.


As your child gets older you may find they want to have more of a say in what goes into their room. The idea of style and keeping wall art to scale with other items in the room may fly out the window as your preschooler wants to hang their own artwork on the wall one metre from the floor or insist that you buy them merchandise based on the latest animated movie.

It’s up to you to decide how much input your children get into choosing their bedroom items, but when it comes to decorating it’s important to remember that things should be placed at a height suitable for them. These cute timber wall hangings are hung low enough for the young occupant of this bed to view.

Presm Beneaththesun

Dream Cloud wall hanging in Aqua, 22 x 35cm, $55; Icecream wall hanging in Peach, 50 x 22cm, $69; Apple wall hanging, 23 x 23.5cm, $49, all from Beneath The Sun.


If you’re not prepared to paint the walls in your child’s favourite colours (and fair enough too!), you can add vibrancy to a neutral-toned room through wall stickers and decals, which can be removed or relocated at a later stage.

Prelar Lovemae

Fly a Kite fabric wall stickers in Blue (largest kite with tail is 25 x 48cm), $79.95 for set, from Love Mae.


By the time your child reaches primary school they will no doubt have amassed a haul of books and toys. This wall shelf is not only functional, allowing your child to show off their most prized possessions, but it is also a wall decoration in its own right.

Prim Brideandwolfe

Shield Shelf in Green, 55 x 45cm, $250, from Bride and Wolfe.

Don’t forget: If you have a question about furniture, art or decorations for your home, try our easy and affordable edecorating Ask a Question service. One of our style team will answer your question by providing options to choose from, including shopping info.